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    Name: The Hermit (Forgotten)
    Age: Forgotten (Hundreds of Years Old)
    Height: 6'5"
    Weight: 249 lbs
    Build: Muscular

    The Hermit was once a normal man. He found he had more in common with animals than humans. Day by day, he found himself becoming more and more detached from those around him, until, finally, he just left. Without a word, The Hermit simply abandoned his ties to the human world. There weren't many that missed him or worried over his departure. What family he had was glad to be rid of him as he was seen as a nuisance. The world forgot about him and he forgot about, find his home in the Black Forest. He learned to speak with the animals as well as the plants and trees. He remained in the Black Forest, happily living out his life. The harsh environment of the Black Forest forced The Hermit to adapt, becoming a very proficient hunter and tracker. For some currently unknown reason, The Hermit has decided to leave his personal paradise and reassert himself into the world of men. He emerges wearing heavy black armor of an unknown origin. The Hermit himself vaguely remembers how he acquired it, but isn't telling. The armor is covered by a black cloak with his eyes glowing from beneath. His eye color changes with his mood. Unfortunately, living with animals has devolved The Hermit's personality and he readily contradicts himself, often coming across as hypocritical and wildly insane. The Hermit's lone companion is a black hawk from the Black Forest. As he has forgotten his own name and has no need for them, the hawk has no name. They communicate through a emphatic link and his companion helps him survive.

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