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    Raze Makami


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    Raze Makami

    Post by kaizin on Sat May 11, 2013 3:02 am

    Name:Raze Makami
    Weight:150 lbs
    Skin Tone:Tan
    General Description:Raze was raised to never let power cloud your mind that was his fathers last words before his father was brought down by his foe and forced to do harakiri in front of him. With the death of his father and the image of his killer burned into the blood stained sword his father left him with Raze travels to increase his skills with the blade and to hunt his fathers killer.

    Raze father could wield both swords and magic thus he was named the knight of magic. Raze was raised to be able to wield both and to always use both swords and magic in harmony and never let his power go to his head. With those teachings Raze travels to increase his skills with both swords and magic and to help those who needs it.

    Raze is a cool minded and sometimes aggressive individual he hates those who are overconfident with their abilities Raze keeps to himself but whenever he sees trouble he will always run towards it blade and magic in hand to fix whatever happens.
    so that what has happened to him will never happen to anyone else thus he was nicknamed the Unyielding RuneKnight of will.

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    Re: Raze Makami

    Post by Gilgamesh on Sat May 11, 2013 12:14 pm


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