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    Name: Gilgamesh

    Age: 23

    Height: 6'1"

    Weight: 185lbs

    Build: Wiry, lean muscle.

    Skin Tone: Pale


    Gilgamesh was born and partially raised within the Black Forest. He doesn't know much about how the world works. Gilgamesh' only human interaction was with his mother. In the dark depths of the Black Forest, she taught him to survive. When he was younger, stories that he was destined for greatness are what he fell asleep to, along with the screeches of the night.

    "You will leave this place. You will prove yourself a worthy King."

    Gilgamesh did not know what she meant by these words, but promised he would. As he matured, he began to notice more about his mother. She seemed capable of leaving the Black Forest, as she defeated countless creatures in their defense. He wondered why she stayed in the forest. He also wondered why she continued to grow weaker with each passing day. When his mother would not rise from slumber, Gilgamesh left the Black Forest, intent on keeping his promise. He noticed he was different from others as he wandered towards the strange structures. His pale skin, due to lack of sunlight, made him stand out. What made him stand out even more, were his wings. No one else he crossed had wings like his and mother and himself. Considering his name, wings and ability to be the only gifts in this world, He intends to keep his promise.

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