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    Post by Gilgamesh on Fri Apr 12, 2013 6:07 pm

    Well hello there! So... I hear you want to create a character and start playing. I'm sure you've already read the rules. Well don't worry. The creation process isn't to long or drawn out. I like to keep it simple.

    Create a Character

    In this forum, you only have to post a general description and back story for your intended character. It doesn't have to be incredibly detailed. A little mystery goes a long way. It's just easier to break things down. The general template will be:

    Skin Tone:
    General Description:(This includes clothing, mannerisms, etc. Feel free to supply an image to help paint the picture of your awesomeness)

    Create an Ability

    Just as it says. You can create your chosen ability. Are you a flame conjurer? Do you speak with animals? Do you become animals? I would advise choosing an ability that would afford you more than combat techniques. Try to think outside the box. For example, if your character could invoke fearsome, unimaginable nightmares and have they besiege any enemy, it would make you a force to be reckoned with, that's for sure. But what if your character was about to get crushed by a rock slide? Nooot so useful then. I'm not saying your ability has to be like that. As a matter of fact, that nightmare ability has many uses. Your character's ability somewhat defines them though. Put some thought into it. Again, this is only my recommendation. Take it with a grain of salt.

    Create Techniques

    This is where you specify exactly how you character uses their abilities. Everyone has 15 ability slots. Five of the slots are passives. A passive ability is one that is always in play. For example, the nightmare ability. Having caused so many nightmares, your character may become deathly afraid of sleeping themselves. So they have Insomnia. They never sleep. Ever. Please... Just make them blink. Otherwise it just gets weird. The general template should be:

    Ability Name:
    Description of what happens during the ability.
    Effects of the ability.
    Number of uses per battle and how many turns must pass before it can be used again.

    Character Sheet

    This is a bit confusing, I know. If you check you profile, you'll see an option for Character Sheet. That only shows your character level and health bar. Your health bar does not need to be adjusted during battle. That information will be within the post anyway. However, after each battle, it must be adjusted. Health can only be recovered through abilities (Bishop) or by visiting a recovery center.

    In the Character Sheet forum, you create a thread, compiling all of the Approved details of your character from the other creation forums. You then get a link and place it in your signature. This can simply be a link, or you can encode an image. The link must be somewhere within your signature. Again, the character sheet can only contain approved materials.

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    Creation Guidelines Empty Re: Creation Guidelines

    Post by char11 on Mon May 27, 2013 11:01 am

    Name: Hayate
    Age: 16
    Height: 1.75 m
    Weight: 56 kg
    Build: physically fit, but with no training whatsoever.
    Skin Tone: Fair.
    General Description: Unbuttoned T-shirt with a dark blue undershirt underneath. Spiky black hair. A red tattoo runs down his back. His main weapon is a katana. He generally looks like a regular human.

    Ability Name: Wind manipulation

    Technique name #1: Dust barrage.
    Despite its highly offensive-suggestive name, this attack merely creates a dust storm to blind sight and smell of the enemies in front. This attack also creates a lot of noise.

    Technique name #2: Dust mirage
    Similar to the previous technique, but this manipulates the storm to form a wide radius around the user, blinding anyone that tries to attack with melee.

    Technique name #3: Sonic cutter
    With use of the katana, a blade of air is launched at the enemy. This attack has slight homin propeties and can be used multiple times. However, the damage output is not brilliant.

    Technique name #4: Whirlwind steps
    This move launches tornadoes from his feet to propel through the air. It can be used to break falls, fly and move quickly. However, the risk is that this move cannot be used with other techniques and the user might fall to his death while using other techniques. Physical combat is however, still possible. Use of this technique to ram and stab opponents in midair is viable.

    Technique name #5: Air zone (Passive)
    This keeps a zone of air around the user that acts like sensors that warn the user of ambushes before they make contact.

    Technique name #6: Clear air (Passive)
    The user cannot be blinded or have his senses disabled. This effect can be shared with others within a limited range and time.

    Technique name #7: Increased strength (Passive)
    Gust propelled attacks deal more damage than normal attacks.

    Technique name #8: Increased stamina (Passive)
    Manipulation of air provides more oxygen to the user, allowing for greater stamina and recovery.

    Technique name #9: Bubble formation (Passive/Active)
    Creates a bubble when underwater that allows breathing to take place underwater. Needs to be activated and will last for as long as the user stays underwater.

    Technique name #10: Flame birth (Passive/Active)
    This technique compresses flammable gasses to add flames to attacks. Lasts for a minute and has a three minute recharge time.

    Technique name #11: Electro birth (Passive/Active)
    Works similar to Flame birth. However, only one of these two techniques can be active at a time and one will replace the other if used in a row.Recharge time remains the same.

    Technique name #12: Vacuum chamber
    Creates a vacuum in a particular zone. Takes one minute to charge and lasts for three minutes, and in that three minutes anything but the user that goes within the zone is instantly killed. Takes just ten seconds to charge in Chaos mode.

    Technique name #13: Chaos mode
    The red tattoo glows and the blade of the katana shatters into a blue light. required to activate the next two skills. Lasts five minutes with a 24 hour recharge time. Doubles effectiveness of techniques and all stats when this technique is active.

    Technique name #14: Final Desperado
    Attacks a single target with electricity, intense fires, blades of air and dust storms, a sure-kill for all but the toughest of enemies.

    Technique name #15: Final cutter
    An all-out barrage of slashes that cannot be blocked and does massive damage.

    Is this good enough? Huff, huff.


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    Creation Guidelines Empty Re: Creation Guidelines

    Post by Gilgamesh on Mon May 27, 2013 11:28 am

    You post you character in create a character, power in create an ability and techniques in create a technique. Makes the approving process run smoother. Create your own thread for each. Also, there's already someone here with Wind Manipulation. So you won't be able to get that one.

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