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    Name: Zafaris Uchugaren
    Age: 21
    Height: 6'3"
    Weight: 194 lbs.
    Build: Lean Athletic muscle
    Skin Tone: Caucasian
    General Description:
    Zafaris grew up an orphan in the slums of the Fringe Lands. Stealing what he had to, to survive, even in his situation, he distanced himself from the other homeless orphans, but couldn't help himself in giving them a part of his bounty when they were around.

    As he grew older, his powers began to become more evident, and so did the gap between him and his peers. His thieving became more high risk, as he learned how to use his powers. The higher the risk, the higher the reward. Eventually he began to live somewhat lavishly on his own. Making the top of an abandoned tower his home, and furnishing it so that even a noble would be comfortable in the run down building.

    As his greed grew, so did the tales of his thievery. Pushed by the complaints of Zafaris' victims, the guards set up a trap for him. Arrogant and head strong, Zafaris didn't even see it coming and ran right into it. An exhausting chase through the city later, and Zafaris was caught.

    Although, his tale doesn't end here. The guard captain saw potential in him. He didn't have any records on him, so he figured he was just a street rat who got ahead. He gave Zafaris a choice. Spend the rest of his life in prison, or work for the guard. At first the other guardsmen objected, but when they found out that his job was going to be to chase down and apprehend other runners like him, they were more than willing to give him the job.

    Of course, Zafaris opted for his freedom. He now lounges around all day, trying to do as little work as possible. With all the ways out or into the city on constant watch, Zafaris has no choice but to play along. After all, it's not so bad. Food and shelter are provided, or at least what passes as food for the guardsmen on duty, and unfortunately he is given no salary to spend on something of better taste, so he still manages to sneak off and grab a bite to eat here and there.

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