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    Post by Gilgamesh on Tue Apr 30, 2013 8:56 pm

    What's that? You think we're not old enough for an update?! Well... Joke's on you! We are! First off, I apologize for my lack of posting. Don't worry, I'm still very much active and still fully intend on developing this game further. I've just been a little busy. I also have a tendency to have my characters do stuff that affects everyone, as I'm sure you've noticed or some of our members can tell you. Since, as of now, there are only two Kings and I have a Queen as well as a Rook, it would be a bit unfair for me to continue moving around like I want. So you guys keep going. I'll have Gilgamesh do something seemingly pointless or some character development while I wait. Though, character development is always a bit of a bad thing with me lol. Also, there are still three King spots I'm willing to assign. If interested, send me a PM. On to the update!

    First off. Power usage. It was originally intended that your power be brought out by the King that made you a piece. Since, in my head, I thought, and hope, when people choose Sets, they remain in them for quite some time, it would also be up to each character to keep the ability they had or choose a new one when switching Kings. But two things happened. One, you guys started using your abilities before having a King, and why shouldn't you?! I totally didn't account for players wanting to remain free agents. I mean I did, but not in that sense. It would be boring to walk around and role play as a normal person, if you had an ability and it was key to your character's personality, like Gilgamesh for example. And, secondly, I honestly expected more people wanting to be a King lol.

    So here's the fix for that. In the upcoming update, you will be able to choose two abilities for your character. Think of it as a primary and a secondary ability. They do not have to be related in any way whatsoever, or they can compliment each other. It's totally up to you. You will start off with one ability. You're free to role-play with it and develop it as you see fit. Upon joining a Set, you are able to choose a second ability to develop likewise. As such, everyone gets a "Retcon Token". Whether you have an ability or not already, you will receive one. You may choose to use it now, or save it. In case you don't get the reference, and thus don't understand, I'll explain. In comic books or any similar long on-going stories where a multitude of people are working on the same story and characters, you're bound to get different ideas. When a character's story, abilities, personality, etc is changed all of sudden, it's called a retcon.

    With the Retcon Token, you can cash it in with me in order to pick new abilities and techniques for your character. This is an official item and, it, as well as other in-game items, will be added at a later date. The items a character has, their availability to them, the resources to make them, etc, will all be controlled in-game. There will be some exceptions, such as the Retcon Token, which must be bought with in-game collateral, but can only be purchased from me, as an admin, not my character. Think of that as a way to get some stuff out of the game so a single Set or character doesn't accumulate too much power.

    That's all I'm mentioning about the upcoming patch... for now. Keep your eyes on the thread for more news as it comes! Remember, the suggestion forum is also available for those of you that have ideas for the game. I only ask that they be fair. Anything that tries to give any one character or group of characters too much power, increasing something on the Knights without taking anything away for example, will be immediately ignored.

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