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    Post by famousdragonz on Sun May 12, 2013 12:27 am

    Xanus wondering around the capital looking for something to do

    My tail is still out even in human form this is so bothering with all the people staring I can't even enjoy my food.

    Xanus noticing a clothing shop decided to get new clothes.

    Excuse me but do you have anything to help cover this tail?

    the lady looking confused

    Oh yes there is some special clothing that we have in the back that help you look normal
    we don't really have a lot a people that come and ask for these clothing but..... ah here is some.

    The lady handing Xanus the clothes

    So how you like them...

    There ok but the tail is still there

    Oh put this belt on it will hide any un-human objects that is attached to your body

    Xanus putting the belt on and the tail is dissappering

    I think I might take this

    Xanus Leaving the clothing store and headed towards a weapon shop and purchased a set of metal claws and started wondering around.

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