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    Post by Gilgamesh on Sat Apr 13, 2013 2:07 am

    "You there! Where did you come from?"

    Gilgamesh trudged along in agonizing pain. He'd been fortunate enough to leave the Black Forest while it was dark. Compared to the dangers he faced while growing in that forbidden place, nothing outside the forest impeded him in the slightest. Concealed in the dark of the knight, he covered much ground. In all her tales of the world beyond the Black Forest, his mother conveniently omitted one thing. That damned blazing orb in the upper canopy! What was it?! Why was there so much light?! He was practically wandering blind right now! His first opportunity to meet people on the outside and he's cringed over to block the excessive light. His wings would have easily helped in this situation. That was not an option though. Mother always told him to carry his wings with pride.

    "You there! With the wings! Halt!"

    This one was persistent. It didn't take Gilgamesh long to realize why his mother told him to treasure his wings. He'd not spotted a single other being with them. Maybe they were a sign of higher standing amongst them? Is that why they all gawked and someone was now calling out to him?

    "I said halt!"

    There was pressure on his right wing. Was... was someone actually touching his wings?! None save Mother have dared to touch them! Someone has just a very, very bad mistake...

    Get... your hands... OFF OF ME!!

    Displaying surprising strength with the extremity, Gilgamesh flapped his wing once, tossing the offender in the air. As they fell to the ground, they were sent skidding along the ground by some unseen force.

    "Arrest him!"

    He wasn't familiar with the word "arrest", but he knew what that tone meant. Shrill, ear splitting sounds began to beat against his ear drums. With the burning light and these thunderous sounds, he was in no state to fend off the numerous figures rapidly approaching him. He needed to retreat and recover for now. With another flap, this time with both wings, Gilgamesh quickly ascended. Hovering for only a split second to survey his surroundings, he instinctively headed deeper into this foreign forest. Due to the denseness of the Black Forest, he was well adjusted to flying in tight places. Perhaps it will serve him well to lose any pursuers.

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    Post by thng on Mon Apr 15, 2013 9:41 pm

    As Tsuzen lay on a bench in The Fringe, he looked up. Strangely, he saw something resembling a bird, but quite a bit larger, take flight.

    I wonder what that is?

    Checking that the surrounding area was all green, he set off to pursue the mysterious creature.

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