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    In search of food


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    In search of food Empty In search of food

    Post by jocox10 on Tue May 07, 2013 2:51 am

    Po swam throw the river leaving the dark forest. As he arrived at the edge of the dark forest Po knotest a delightful smell coming from the surffes, so he when to investigat it. He lunged out of the water going ten feet in the air while doing a back flip, and laded on the ground then slipped onto his back because the ground was wet from the rain. He got up and started towards the smell. Po walked not to long when he came upon an old women with her cart stuck in the mud filled with supply crates. He hustled towards the old women and her cart in the interest of helping her.

    Let me help you.

    The old women looked to Po with a coudiness in her eyes, she was blind, and didn't notice Po's appearance.

    Thank you young man.

    Po rushed to help the old lady getting the cart out of the mud and back to her village. As they entered her home town, the towns people were hesitant and rushed out of Po's way, wary of the 6' 8" lizard person. Po paid no attention towards them, he only was concerned in helping the lady. In no time they arrived at her house, and was told to leave the cart at the side of the house, and grab the crates to bring inside.

    Would you like something to eat for your hard work young man.

    Yes please, and you can call me Po.

    in that case you can call me Jill

    As Po set the crates down, Jill's son walk in and saw Po. He started to scream, and tried to get his mother out of there.

    Don't be rud to my guest.

    But mother it is a monster.

    This young man offered to help me get my cart out of the mud, and bring it back here. Which was your job today.

    But he's got scales and a tail! I am getting the guards

    No you wil-

    But before she could finish he was out the door.

    I'm sorry about that. How about I go get you some food now.

    Yes please, and thank you.

    Jill give Po his food, a hearty chicken soup, and as he was bringing it up to smell the guards came in and stood back in shock at the sight of the lizard-man being served soup from an old lady. Drawing their swords, several guards pushed a single guard forward. Trembling slightly he addressed Po.

    H-hold it right there. W-w-what are you doing here a-and to this lady?

    Po looked towards the guard who had spoken while taking a big slurp form his soup.




    W-what is your purpose here lizard-man?




    The guard's disposition began shifting towards annoyance rather than fear as Po's slurping and short answers took their toll.

    S-so you're forcing this woman to feed you!?




    Veins began popping out on the guard's face as his tolerance for Po grew thinner.

    I assure you boys that this man is my gues-


    Enough! You, monster, will leave here at on-


    Having enough of Po's slurping the guard took his sword and slapped Po's bowl to the ground. Po's eyes turned white with rage. Po's fist made a resounding impact into the guard's face, who fell to the floor limp. The shifting like the changing tides Po closes the distance to the rest of the guards and took them out with a swift tail sweep. When he was finished his eyes turned back to normal.

    I'm sorry Jill for the trouble I caused you. I will just leave town now.

    No you don-

    Po was already out the door heading to the next village.

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