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    Post by Gilgamesh on Sat May 04, 2013 2:03 pm

    Paradox Loop: Gilgamesh focuses on an ally and begins to rewind the time around them. He will set the person back to a previous time, no more than four turns, and they will be as they were in that time. The effects end in the same amount of turns they were reset.

    Effect: The target regains the amount of health and same cooldowns they had on the turn Gilgamesh resets them to. The effect lasts the same amount of turns they were reset (reset back four turns, it lasts for four turns). Any health gained this way acts more a shield than actual health. Any of the gained health that remains after the duration expires. Any techniques that were brought off cooldown in this way, but not used, go on full cooldown. Only usable once on each ally per battle. Generates 5 Mental Exhaustion counters.

    Wormhole(Passive): Gilgamesh momentarily freezes time and folds space in on itself to transport himself or others in the blink of an eye.

    Effect: Gilgamesh can teleport himself and others around him provided he can visualize the destination. Cooldown 2 turns. Infinite uses.

    Paradox Box: Gilgamesh focuses on an opponent and eliminates all laws of both time and space from around them.

    Effect: 150% Intelligence. Locks a target away. The target becomes untargetable by allies or opponents, can take no actions and their cooldowns do not decrease while they are locked away. Duration: 2 turns. Generates 6 Mental Exhaustion counters.

    Vortex: Gilgamesh focuses on an area and causes it to pull into itself while slowing the passage of time in the location. He increases the passage of time around allies within the Vortex.

    Effect: 135% Intelligence. When caught in the Vortex, and as long as they remain in it, opponents must use an action in order to move. Cooldowns for techniques also trigger at half the speed. This means each turn only counts as half a turn towards enemy cooldowns. If an opponent has a cooldown of 2 turns, it will become 4 turns if they remain in the Vortex. The exact opposite occurs for allies. Duration: Infinite unless ended by Gilgamesh. Generates 4 Mental Exhaustion counters.

    Fourth Dimension: Gilgamesh musters all of his will and completely stops time around him. The strain of keeping this up is so great that he can only do it for a few short moments and cannot interact with anything within that time frame.

    Effect: Only usable if Gilgamesh still has a Piece in play. Completely stops everything, including all enemies and allies, within a thread and allows him to move around freely for one turn. Duration: Ends on the following turn. Usable once per battle. Generates 10 Mental Exhaustion counters.

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