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The Gate holds Untold Secrets for the Proven King...

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    Post by Gilgamesh on Wed Apr 17, 2013 3:47 pm

    Is this world, which has been renamed Terra by its people, lies an unknown past. It litters the planet, in the form of decrepit, forgotten cities, epitaphs and monuments of a civilization long forgotten, screaming for its story to be told. The people of Terra, however, have no interest in learning of such things. For one thing is certain, the state of these ruins that dot the unexplored lands tell that this civilization ended in war and fire. Such stories were deemed unworthy of being told.

    No one knows how long ago this civilization failed, as study into it is taboo. It is also unneeded. The small, spreading civilization that now governs Terra is a sophisticated one. It is governed by an absolute system. Within all people, lie a special ability. These can be discovered by the people themselves. However, in rare individuals, lies the potential to become a King. King's are able to unlock the full potential of those around them. Kings give rise to new Kings. Each King scrambles to arrange their Set and compete for prestige. In a world where might controls everything, it is the strongest King that sets forth the laws of the world.

    While the system is not without its flaws, it is highly effective. Now, in this world of simple machinery, run on steam and magical crystals, the people of Terra have begun to expand and explore the forgotten realms of their world. It is here where our story takes place. Rumors spread of a mystical gate that will only reveal itself to a proven King. This rumor is all that was needed to set the wheels of Destiny into motion. Now, here in the capital, attention arises concerning a strange young man with wing, declaring that he will become King. What are the circumstances surrounding this being? How will it affect those that have be drawn together merely by his presence? How will the fates of these individuals reshape the world as they know it?

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