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    Post by Zafaris on Tue Apr 16, 2013 9:40 pm

    After a vigorous run, and keeping a close eye on the sky, Zafaris finally reached the old church where he made his home in the steeple. He made sure to remove all the stair ways and ladders, so that only he could make it up the old bell tower. Using his static, he clung to the walls and quickly climbed up to his lavishly furnished, decrepit bell tower.

    He began rummaging through a pile of clothes until he had pulled out an odd outfit. Grabbing a pile of armor nearby, he suited up, and topped it off with an odd mask. The mask had no conceivable way of seeing through, but the piece over his eyes was a simple piece of tech that displayed what was captured by the small camera in the center of the symbol on his eyepiece.

    Realizing how tired he was, he fell back onto his mountain of pillows he called a bed, and slowly began to drift off.

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    Post by Zafaris on Fri Apr 19, 2013 9:22 am

    "I haven't seen that outfit before. Was the uniform not your style?"

    A metallic voice rasped Zafaris' sleepy ears. He had tried to pretend that he was asleep for a while now. He knew who was standing above him, and he really didn't want to deal with him right now. He probably came to check up on him since he didn't check in with the guard last night, or this morning since he slept in. I hindsight, he shouldn't have fell asleep in his disguise.

    "Can you give up already, I know you're not sleeping and my patience is wearing thin."

    "Jeese! Fine!"

    Zafaris sat up and stared the intruder down. The man was clad in full body armor, with a rifle on his hip, and four bars sticking up from a sort of backpack. He was Azazel, one of the Elite Guards.

    Home Sweet Home Cyborgserieschainbytysh

    "I can't have one day off can I?"

    "That wasn't part of the agreement, no."

    Zafaris stood up and stretched. Looking around the room to locate his four short swords.

    "So, how did the winged man go last night?"

    "Why don't you ask the other guards? I heard they ran away when they confronted him."

    "I'm more interested in how you did."

    "I thought it would be a little self explanatory, but I was out numbered, so I ran."

    "So the Godfrey girl is assisting him?"

    "I knew that house was familiar!"

    "You're saying that you didn't know who she was?"

    "Nope, didn't really care at the time."

    Zafaris began moving around the room, pretending to tidy up, slowing getting close to his weapons.

    "If what the guards say is true, and he really is a Kings Candidate, then she has no doubt become his Queen by now, or is at least scheme to do so. Raised in that household, she no doubt wants to regain her family's honor. Or I could be wrong and she is just wallowing in the shame that her father brought to her."

    "Makes no difference to me. So are you here to give me another assignment, or just tell me to do rounds?"

    "Well, actually-"

    Zafaris finally reach his weapons.

    "You know what, never mind."

    He slammed his hand on the ground, releasing a surge of elections making everything, but himself cling to the floor.

    "Consider this my letter of resignation."

    He quickly grabbed his swords, placing them on his back and clinging them to him, before jumping off the side of the clock tower and sliding down to the ground before running off to the Fringe Lands.

    "You were right. He running."

    Azazel seemingly spoke to himself.


    The cling had no effect on Azazel. He simply walked of the side and returned to his post.

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