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    Kaya Isanagi


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    Kaya Isanagi Empty Kaya Isanagi

    Post by kaya421 on Sat Mar 15, 2014 8:52 am

    Kaya Isanagi Anime-15
    Kaya used to run free and destroy villages until sealed hes powers, hes species does not die until they are killed, seeks allies without them is not able to fight, the last two months was a slave but managed to escape, but only vague without being able remove the shackles.
    Kaya is very weak because their powers have been sealed long ago, as seen she is a fox-girl is very shy because they do not trust anyone until you know it.
    Kaya's powers are unleashed when about to die, is very powerful with his powers but it can be sealed as often as necessary.
    He does not like being with huumanos demons or angels but gets along very well, does not care as they are not human.
    She is strict with herself and enjoys being surrounded by her allies even ashamed of it, is very playful and loves yarn.
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