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    Saving a Life


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    Saving a Life

    Post by fireswift on Sat Aug 10, 2013 9:12 am

    Raysunko wondering around the capital was getting a bit hungry so he stopped at a restaurant to grab a quick bite to eat, until there was a lot of people running and screaming.

    Outside of the restaurant a two blocks ahead was a building on fire somewhere. How did he know that? He knew that there was a fire two blocks away because he sensed it and it wasn't a small fire.

    Rushing towards the scene Raysunko started to talk to the nearby people

    I'm kinda in a hurry right now so could you tell me if there is anyone still inside the building?

    Kid I don't know if there is anyone in there or not but this fire is getting bigger so could you help and put it out?

    Yeah bu......

    Raysunko noticing a kid crying walked towards the child

    Hey kid whats the matter?

    My mom is still inside the fire and she won't answer me.

    Raysunko thinking how he lived without having anyone to love him or say welcome home to made him feel sorry for the kid. so he said with a smile.

    Ok kid i'll get your mommy out for you so don't worry.

    But what could he do? He can control fire but he probably isn't immune to it, but he still needed to do something. so he just rushed towards the building hoping someone would say don't do it or would stop him but no one did come.

    Could his curse be a blessing in disguise?

    "Well time to find out...." He thought to himself.

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    Re: Saving a Life

    Post by thng on Fri Aug 16, 2013 2:21 pm

    As Zephyr was walking around town, he saw a house that was on fire! Running over to the house, he saw a man walking into the still burning house. He had nothing to do, so Zephyr sat down outside the house.

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